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Parsian Bank, an Eye for the Blind

mbaNEWS: The audience usually concentrate all their mind while receiving banking services lest they would be faced with a problem. Such a concentration needs open eyes: Eyes that some people are deprived of and for receiving banking services they would need help from others. Parsian Bank has eliminated this requirement for this group of people and provided them with the conditions that they can benefit from banking services like ordinary people.MBA News, to get more information about this measure by the Parsian Bank in the field of social responsibility and other effective measures of such an economic enterprise, has conducted an interview with Maryam Vahid-Nia, Public Relations Director of the Parsian Bank:?When Parsian Bank paid special attention to the disabled Parsian Bank since its foundation has not had a mere customer-oriented look at its audience, rather from the very beginning of its operation it has paid special attention to all the strata of the society. The real representation of such an issue could be found in an activity that Mr. Talebi, the then Managing Director of ParsianBank, has implemented.On the very first days of his activity, he invited a number of people with physical disabilities for cooperation and assigned them the task they could afford doing. In the meantime, one of the colleagues could not attend the workplace because of his disability, but the bank provided the conditions for him to do his job at home.This practice is particularly unprecedented among the banks, and it can be said that Parsian Bank, especially among private banks, is one of the first to pay particular attention to this group in the society. Such an approach led to the appreciation of the welfare organization of Parsian Bank due to its activities and creating job opportunities for the disabled countrymen. The bank’s performance and attention to the disabled continued until 1382 (2003-4) when for the first time the bank published an advertisement in Iran Sepeed newspaper, which is dedicated to the blind.The aforementioned advertisement was an attractive measure for Iran Sepeed newspaper and our blind compatriots and received a warm welcome. This activity was stopped the same year, until the bank decided to establish three branches equipped with special services for the blind. One of the branches which is located in Karim Khan Street in Tehran, was inaugurated by the head of the Blind Association and started its operation. This triggered the need for Parsian Bank to take the same action in 1382 (200304). Of course, it is also worth mentioning that according to the law, all businesses and economic enterprises are responsible for employing and providing job opportunities for the disabled and should be accountable.?Did the blind use the devices that you mentionedAccording to an opinion poll and survey conducted in different branches about these services and their effectiveness, we found out that the blind, in addition to using these devices, also tend to use audio software. The software that could enable the blind to understand their banking services by hearing. As you know, the blind are very capable people, some of whom have been promoted to high positions in the society. In fact, blindness has enabled these people to use other abilities. Therefore, we had to do something that would allow a greater number of the blind to use the branches that have been specially established for them. After reviewing, we concluded that we would go to a better communication channel with Parsian Bank’s specific audience.Of course, Parsian Bank had once contacted the blind through Iran Sepeed newspaper and the Braille writing style and achieved good results. As a result, return to the same channel of communication was definitely effective. Based on this, it was decided to publish another advertisement in Iran Sepeed newspaper on the International Blind Day. The advertisement was welcomed by the media and the audience, and the measure taken by Parsian Bank was well received. The same platform was used and the plan to prepare brochures including all the services with the Braille writing style was offered. The plan was welcomed by the senior executives of Parsian Bank and was implemented. The special brochure for the blind was also prepared by Iran Sepeed newspaper. The mentioned measure was so interesting for Iran Sepeed that distributed 1,000 volumes voluntarily.?Would you please elaborate on the design of the brochureUsually, the blind do not refer to the bank branches alone, and in most cases somebody else would accompany them. Therefore, the brochure was designed in such a way that the companion is also able to use it. The brochure is designed both in Farsi and the Braille writing style, and everyone can use it. A lot of attention has been paid for the preparation of the content of the brochure. An explanation of the services that are most attractive to the blind and can be used by them is included in the brochure.At the same time, the audio brochure was also published by the Bank for the blind people. Parsian Bank’s audio brochure has been placed in a site that is open to the blind countrymen and is visited on daily basis. Therefore, Parsian Bank for the first time in Iran has produced and published a brochure with the Braille writing style as well as the audio brochure for the blind. According to the survey conducted, no such a measure has been taken in the Middle East.?Why Parsian Bank has targeted this particular audience and provided them with special servicesPeople with disabilities in our country suffer from a shortage of services and little attention is paid to the quality of the services, accesses and facilities of this stratum of the society. If you have noticed, urban design does not meet the needs of this group of the beloved ones. This is one of the personal concerns. In 1389 (2010-1), I published an article on the study of facilities for the people with disabilities in the country. In that article, I dealt with various issues such as why in the city design in our country no attention has been paid to the people with disabilities. Stairs, various platforms, etc. are cases that prevent the passage of people with disabilities in the city.Therefore, a bank as a pioneer had to take the first step and encourage others for offering help. Parsian Bank has not merely taken measures for the blind people, rather some branches have been optimized for the disabled using the wheelchair. Parsian Bank is also taking other measures which will be announced soon.The blind are among the disabled whose disability is such that they should receive help from other people in order to use the banking services. Of course, according to our survey, there are few possibilities for this group of the people in our country and thus they should be helped. Parsian Bank, as an economic enterprise, deems it its duty to carry out its responsibility in the society.?Which branches are equipped with brochures and special equipment for the blind? What was the reason for choosing those branchesParsian Bank in its three branches in Karim Khan Zand St., Enqelab Square and Ferdowsi St. in Tehran has provided special facilities for the blind. These three branches are close to the centers where the blind people refer to for receiving various services. Meanwhile, the bank has also taken another step.In addition to distributing the brochures in the branches, a number of brochures have also been distributed in these centers. Such measures have led to the publication of Parsian Bank’s message more widely. Provincial branches have also been notified about the brochures and if necessary they will be sent to them. However, in the case of the equipment and the device, so far no action has been taken in provincial branches and with regard to the high cost of the devices, equipping the provincial branches with such devices, feasibility and checking the number of the audience will be the target.?Are the staff of the three branches you mentioned trained to deal with and offer services to the blindYes, our colleagues in the three branches have received the necessary training and are ready to serve the blind as soon as they refer to the branches. Of course, the number of those who refer during day time is not significant, however the required preparations have been made.?Has Parsian Bank also implemented other measures in line with its social responsibilitiesYes, the bank has had cooperation with the health organization and centers. For example, for the patients with hemophilia, the bank has prepared centers for the stay of the companions of the patients who come to Tehran for treatment. In the same respect, donations have also been made to equip the hospitals.?Tell us about other actions of Parsian Bank in the field of social responsibilityAnother measure is the help rendered to the Landscaping Organization in the area of tree plantation. The vegetation around Tehran is deteriorating due to air pollution, and the bank, in line with its social responsibility, intends to take measures for the repair of the vegetation. In addition, we have also taken measure for the New Year (Norouz) gifts. Last year, after the earthquake in Kermanshah, the bank hosted managing directors of the banking network and held a gathering.A crisis headquarters was set up to help Kermanshah earthquake victims and the banks allocate funds for this purpose. In this headquarters, Dr. Parvizian, the Managing Director of Parsian Bank, offered a proposal for the allocation of the cost of publication of the Norouz diaries to the earthquake victims in Kermanshah. The money was spent on the construction of school and hospital. The proposal was welcomed. This year too, the proposal was put forward and therefore no cost would be spent on the Norouz diaries and the budget would be allocated to the countrymen who have suffered damage.Under the current economic situation, many people are faced with problems with regard to saving and controlling the costs; what measures Parsian Bank has taken in this connectionSince the establishment of Parsian Bank, the employees have not played only the role of serving rather they have also undertaken the responsibility of advising the clients. Employees should well advise the clients in accordance with their requirements so that the best decision will be taken.Parsian Bank and its subsidiaries will design and provide the audience with a variety of products. The investment fund, which is an independent company, will offer considerable help to the audience in this regard. The bank customers are faced with a basket of products that can be used according to the circumstances. Parsian Bank has one of the most complete sets of financial services. The most important point is that in the annual evaluation companies affiliated with Parsian Bank, are always among the top performers. Such financial services have led to the fact that Parsian Bank serve its clients better and while offering services take advantage of the services of other companies.?Please describe the campaign for becoming fully insuredOne of the benefits of depositing in Parsian Bank is the possibility to take advantage of the services of the financial group of the bank, such as the insurance services of Parsian Insurance Company which, under the current economic situation, is a clever move that has attracted the particular attention of the audience. In this regard, the “becoming fully insured” campaign which is specific of the depositors of the current accounts of Parsian Bank, has been designed according to which holders of such deposits will be able, in addition to the benefits of having a current account at Parsian Bank, to receive free coverage of life insurance, supplementary treatment, accidents and fires for free and with special conditions.Certainly, such a facility will provide a wide range of added services, more confidence and calm to the audience. In this regard, Parsian Bank has also launched another campaign which had a message appropriate with the condition of the present audience. In this campaign, electronic services of Parsian Bank were introduced: Services that prevent unnecessary traffic in the city. By providing electronic services, Parsian Bank has provided secure use of the services by the audience. The bank codes are the safest and most secure among the bank codes in the country, and also has a unique service: Passwords that can be obtained and used without referring to the bank. The campaigns have received satisfactory feedbacks. In total, Parsian Bank is trying to offer all its services with complete security together with ease of use.mbaNEWS.ir- Narges Faraji

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